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Samoon for Huminity

"SAMOON" is a Garhwali word that means giving selflessly, without expecting any returns along with a feeling to be cherished for a lifetime. SAMOON stands for "social and mankind organization of nation". The Foundation has been built with the aim of presenting the precious SAMOON for humanity. SAMOON is registered NGO under the Indian society act - 1860.


Vinod Jethuri

6.5K Beneficiaries


Our Mission

Working together for the deprived to provide them with basic needs of life for basic survival as well as to teach and help them to become self-dependent.


Our Vision

We believe in building a nation without hunger, poverty, illiteracy, and inequality; where every person enjoys the right to live with dignity.

Our Objectives

  • To preserve and promote local culture, language, and art.
  • To create awareness among the people in the village for their development and good health.
  • To organize a career guidance camp for the students of rural areas.
  • Provide scholarship/Financial help to poor rural/village children for their basic education.
  • To help and organize training programs for self-employment and educated unemployed people.
  • To work for uplifting the status of women in society. To work against female circumcision and to fight against the victimization of girls /women by anybody in society on female circumcision or any other related issues.
  • To propagate the need for tree plantation, pollution control, and environmental awareness.
  • To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially helpless people.
  • To provide help/shelter/facilities for old age people, children, and disabled persons for their welfare.
  • To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development.
  • To provide help to people suffering from Natural calamities such as floods, Earthquakes, motor accidents, etc.
  • To provide free legal advice to poor people.
  • To educate people against taking drugs and Alcohol.
  • To arrange land, building, and other facilities for running Nursery/School institution/Library/Coaching Centre, etc.
  • To undertake any work or assignment which may be for the general welfare of the people.
  • To facilitate and support efforts of socially, physically, and naturally challenged persons, especially women, children, and adolescents to improve their social, educational, and economic status through the provision of technology and resources.
  • To promote regional arts and crafts made by challenged people of different regions of India and undertake resource mobilization, provision of technical and technological inputs through design implementation and monitoring of programs related to small enterprise establishment, management training, and outreach.
  • To arrange and organize social, religious, cultural, and educational functions/programs from time to time.
  • To initiate and promote health care, community development, and religious studies. To organize medical camps, blood donation camps, and eye donation camps for the public.
  • To undertake the programs of women empowerment, strengthening of boarding and hostel facilities for girls, family counseling, capacity building, self-employment, removal of gender discrimination, promotion of khadi, handicraft and cottage industry, and employment creation.
  • To fill the gap of the economic divide between poor and rich, undertake the programs of poverty eradication, vocational training, tribal and indigenous people development including community-based rehabilitation.
  • To provide legal aid to the socially disadvantaged groups, old aged senior citizens, minorities, tribals, dalits, backward, abused women, and landless laborers and protect and support their interests including prevention of communal riots.
  • To undertake promotion and development of small rural technologies, micro-enterprises & watershed management.
  • To detect the spread of HIV infection and make appropriate strategies for prevention and control, other highly sensitive disease care and cure, intensive immunization, family planning, and population control as well as undertake all programs of health and family welfare including reproductive, maternal, and child health care.
  • To undertake training in computer and information technologies, conversion of traditional Indian languages into multinational languages, and accordingly software development including promotion of Indian modern languages.
  • To promote, undertake or arrange educational tours and picnics, Yoga classes, Judo classes, process documentation, media advocacy, distribution of scholarship, cultural activities, and provide sports facilities for the development of sports and games including sports complexes.
  • To purchase/acquire land for schools and other establishments and to construct buildings thereon.
  • To manage and administer nursing homes, hospitals, libraries, reading rooms, and schools, irrespective of caste creed or social status and take over absorb or amalgamate with any other society or trust or association in which the society may be interested.
  • To establish, promote, set up, run, manage, administer, finance support, and/ or aid to or help in the setting up and /or maintaining and /or running other institutions orphanages, handicapped widows, homes, lunatic asylums, poor houses, or other establishments for relief and /or help to the poor, old and infirm people and/ or destitute.
  • To establish, build or manage Hostels, Short Stay Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Shelters, Child Care centers or Childrens Homes, Counselling Centers, and Help Line Centers for Women, Children, Old aged persons, Drug addicts, and needy persons.
  • To undertake protection and promotion of cultural and natural heritage, develop a strategy for the promotion of tourism by conservation of tangible and intangible heritage and thereby increasing the employment potential and eradicating poverty.
  • To organize programs for protecting the global environment, sustainable management of physical and natural resources, efficient use of productive capacity, environment impact assessment and undertake shelter houses for looking after the animals, ambulance services to animals in distress, birth control and immunization of stray dogs.
  • To start and assist the relief measures in those parts of the country which become affected by natural calamities like famine, fire flood, earthquakes, etc.

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