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Also known as Workplace Giving, Employee Giving is simply a form of donation that is made by the corporates to non-profit organizations which are working towards the social welfare of a community. Today, companies use their resources, try their best to give back to society and communities, and encourage their employees to do the same. It inculcates philanthropic gestures for both employees and the company.

With a good employee giving program, companies can increase employee engagement and promote a sense of belonging. At Samoon Foundation, we assist such companies and employees who wish to extend their support to the communities. We value our donors and thus we take their transparency and trust very seriously. With our Employee Giving Program, each one of the corporate employees will come to know the difference their individual donations are making. We provide regular reports to our donors notifying them how their contribution has helped the social campaign and the cause with their wholehearted donations.

Partnering with Samoon Foundation, we assure you that all the donations made by your organization and your employees reach the people having genuine needs. With our comprehensive on-ground verification program, we ensure that the benefits of all the donations go into the right hand.

With Employee Giving Programs, corporates can encourage employees to help NGOs like Samoon Foundation by volunteering their time, making financial contributions, and donating other resources to the communities residing in remote areas of the Himalayas and other regions.

With the help of this program, employees can participate and donate to the Samoon Foundation which is constantly working in these remote areas to make a better life for the people there. The funds raised are utilised by the foundation in operating schools and skills training centres in these faraway places where the basic necessities are still missing. This helps us in motivating ourselves to work with great enthusiasm for such communities of our society.

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