Help Seeker’s Policy & Procedure

“SAMOON” is a Garhwali word which means giving selflessly, without expecting any returns along with a feeling to be cherished for a lifetime.

We at Samoon engaged in 10 different categories to support our society, which are below:-


1. Education Support & Career Guidance (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
2. Employment & Business Opportunities (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
3. Environment & Nature Preservation (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
4. Food Assistance for Helpless & Differently-Abled People (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
5. Humanity & Human Rights (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, & C)
6. Marriage Support & Enrichment (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
7. Medical Support & Healthcare (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H)
8. Social Awareness & Community Development (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, & C)
9. Women Empowerment & Economic Development (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, C, D, E & H)
10. To Promote and Support Language, Literature & Culture (Refer Policy No.2-A, B, & C)

Form applying to get the support from Samoon there are some Policies & Procedure.

1.    One can leave the message on the Facebook page of Samoon.
2.    Kindly read the below details carefully and share the message accordingly on Facebook page of Samoon.
A.    Proper personal details i.e., name, address, age, business, phone/mobile number.
B.    If you are asking for somebody, please share the complete details (Refer Point-A) & your relation with him/her.
C.    Please clarify that what kind of help you want from Samoon.
D.    Help Seeker has to clarify their economic status I.e. Source of Income, Monthly Income, Number of Family Member. One should also clarify that he/she has their own house or staying in rented accommodation.
E.    Help Seeker has to share some his/her photographs, a copy of Adhar Card and few photographs related to the kind of help she/he wants from Samoon.
F.    If somebody wants the medical assistance/help then they should declare that they have the Ayushmaan Card or Not. If yes then why the medical treatment is not been facilitated to him/her. If Help Seeker does not have the Ayushmaan Card, can Samoon help them to get their Ayushmaan Card & will it possible to hold the treatment till the time.
G.    In case of Help Seeker is admitted in the hospital, Samoon need the proof of admitted in the hospital, doctor's prescription, all test reports & estimated cost of operation (If any).
H.    Help Seeker has to share a hand written application with all the relevant details with his/her signature as a message.

1.    Samoon Foundation is putting all the details of Help Seeker on online platform for help. Only those application will consider who have any objection on this.
2.    Help Seeker or somebody who is helping to others need to make of request letter or video to the Samoon Foundation. Those videos & letters will post on Samoon social media platforms to get the fund from the donors. People who do not feel comfortable sharing the video or relevant documents, please do not apply for the same.
3.    Samoon Foundation is getting the money from Crowd Funding, that’s why it is not possible say that how much donation can get the applicant. Sometime happen where Samoon got very less amount of the donation. Samoon Foundation is clarifying that it not necessarily that Samoon will give entire asked amount/help, we at Samoon still try for maximum.
4.    After getting the help, Help Seeker has to share the Thank You video to Samoon Foundation.

If you accept above all the term and conditions then only you are eligible to get the support from Samoon Foundation else not.

Aim of the Samoon Foundation is to support the actual needy people.

To keep the transparency and faith of the donor is the Samoon's primary moto.

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