Brand Sponsored Campaigns

These days there are many corporates and brands who extend their support to the activity of NGOs and charitable events. We, at Samoon Foundation, welcome such sponsorship from the brands who wish to do something for the weaker section of society.

Our Schools and Training Centres in the remote locations of the Himalayas get a lot of help from such sponsorships. In schools, students can get quality education and in training centres, the learners can get modern tools and equipment to gain knowledge of various arts and skills.

The good part of sponsorship is that it’s a two-way beneficial program where both non-profit organisations and corporates get advantages of sponsorship, and both are in a win-win situation.

Benefits of Sponsorship to NGOs:

  • Acquire new supporters for your social cause
  • Validation of your NGO brand and services
  • Increase awareness and exposure
  • Gain funds for the upcoming social programs

Benefits of Sponsorship to Corporates:

  • Acquire a positive reputation
  • Generate leads through brand loyalty
  • Enhanced marketing of your brand through association with NGOs
  • Boost Brand Visibility through partnering in NGO programs
  • Showcase a service or product during the promotion of NGO programs
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your industry/domain

At Samoon Foundation, we organise various campaigns from time to time where brands can sponsor in the form of funds and contribute towards the programs promoting the welfare of society. This would also help the brands in publicizing themselves on various banners, posters, advertisements, etc. On the other hand, we get funds for running special awareness programs in various villages, blocks and districts.

We invite such brands who are interested and willing to join us for the upliftment of the children, youths, or weaker sections of the society residing in remote areas of Uttarakhand.

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