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Support to reconstruct the burnt house of poor families
8% Raised
Goal: ₹ 50000
Raised ₹4200

Support to reconstruct the burnt house of…

दिनांक 3 जनवरी 2023 को बड़कोट क्षेत्र के पिंडकी  गांव में भीषण आग लगने के कारण…
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Blankets distribution to the poor living under open sky
48% Raised
Goal: ₹ 50000
Raised ₹23950

Blankets distribution to the poor living…

खुले आसमान के नीचे रहने वाले गरीबों को कंबल वितरण।  
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Immediate treatment for brain hemorrhage is required to save the life of Handicapped Anil Suyal
8% Raised
Goal: ₹ 100000
Raised ₹7642

Immediate treatment for brain hemorrhage…

अनिल सुयाल पुत्र स्वर्गीय श्री जशोदर प्रसाद सुयाल ग्राम स्वाडी जिला टिहरी गढ़वाल…
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Help Harimohan for Kidney Transplant
6% Raised
Goal: ₹ 250000
Raised ₹15000

Help Harimohan for Kidney Transplant

जिला उत्तरकाशी के निवासी हरिमोहन कुमार एक बहुत गंभीर बीमारी से जुंझ रहे हैं।…
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To Open a Computer Training Institute in Rural Uttarakhand
1% Raised
Goal: ₹ 380000
Raised ₹5020

To Open a Computer Training Institute in…

Our objective is to make each of the students proficient in using computers…
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Construction a School for Underprivileged Children
30% Raised
Goal: ₹ 3000000
Raised ₹900000

Construction a School for Underprivileged…

Education is the most fundamental right of any individual. However countless…
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About Samoon Fondation

Social & Mankind Organization of Nation

"SAMOON" is a Garhwali word that means giving selflessly, without expecting any returns along with a feeling to be cherished for a lifetime. SAMOON stands for “social and mankind organization of nation”. The Foundation has been built with the aim of presenting the precious SAMOON for humanity. SAMOON is registered NGO under the Indian society act - 1860.





Benefits of Giving

Bring More Meaning to Your Family and Social Life

When you think about donating money to charity, you probably come up with some undeniable benefits. Donating to charity include enhancements to both their personal and financial well-being. Your donation can make a real difference in your community.


Strengthens Your Personal Values

When you donate money to charity, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you.


Increase Your Community Standing

Giving to community organizations can provide important local safety nets that guarantee vital assistance during crises and emergencies as well.


Improve Life Satisfaction

People who give more to others, experience greater life satisfaction than those who don’t. Giving some reflects to our life satisfaction.


Receive a Tax Deduction

If you’re itemizing your tax return, you can report the dollars you contributed to charity for a deduction in your taxable income.

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अमेरिका के युनिवर्सिटी औफ सिनसिनाटी

उत्तराखँड के लोग, उत्तराखँड की संस्कृति उत्तराखँड का साहित्य और उत्तराखँड के…

स्वच्छ भारत की पवित्र गँगा – स्वच्छता

हम सब देशवासियोँ की जिम्मेदारी है कि हम सब मिलकर अपने घर, गाँव, गलियोँ,…

सयुक्त अरब एमिरात की तपतपाती गर्मी और रेतेली मिट्टी में मैंने 2006 में जो पौधा लगाया था

वैसे तो मैंने 10 पौधे लगाये थे और 1 साल तक उनको पानी भी देता रहा लेकिन डेढ़ साल…

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