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At Samoon Foundation, we accept goods such as food raw materials, stationery items, clothes, electrical and mechanical equipment such as sewing machines and other tools that can be utilized by our organization in training the underprivileged residing in remote areas of the Himalayas. By developing their skills, we can help such sections of the society in starting their self-employment by using these tools and equipment that are donated by the corporates.

Corporate companies, firms and individuals, including employees can organize a collection drive at their office premises wherein companies and employees can donate food raw materials, clothes, stationery items (including books, pens, pencils, blackboards, etc.), medicines and medical equipment, sewing machines, unused computers/laptops, etc. Once the collection drive is done, the same can be transported to the remote areas where the people can utilize these goods that would help them in moving towards a better living.

With such drives, the well-settled section of the society can help and contribute to enhancing the lifestyle of people living in the remote Himalayan regions where getting the basic necessities of life is still challenging. Many have to migrate to the main towns and cities to earn their livelihood, give education to their children, avail health facilities, etc. With our small contribution, we can bring a big change in the lives of such people, as it is rightly said – “Every drop makes an ocean”.

Samoon Foundation is running schools, computer training institutes, and skills training centres in the remote regions of Uttarakhand with an aim to improve the living standard of weaker sections of the society and make them capable to find self-employment opportunities for themselves. We are focused on our goal and continuously working on our vision so that everyone irrespective of caste and creed avails the basic rights and makes their lives better.

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