Membership Policy


Anyone from all over the world is eligible to apply for membership, but the decision of "SAMOON Foundation Management Committee” will be final.

There are five categories of membership for which a person can apply:

Pioneer Member

Persons who appended their signatures to the Memorandum and members of the first governing body shall be deemed to be pioneer members of the organization.

General Member

Any person who pays an annual subscription fee as determined by governing body, and whose written application is accepted by the governing body shall be General member.

Corporate member

Any Corporate company or any other organization may become Corporate members of SAMOON by paying annual contribution determined by the governing body.

Associate Member

Non-profit organizations, societies, Federations, Research Laboratories & Institutions and any other organization may become Associate members of SAMOON by paying annual contribution determined by the governing body.

Honorary Member

Any person who may be an eminent scholar, scientist, artist, author, poet, social worker, businessman or entrepreneur, or specialist in any field may be enrolled as an honorary member of the society.


Request for membership shall be made on forms prescribed by the “SAMOON FOUNDATION". These will be scrutinized and approved by the credential committee. The application forms, in original, shall be accompanied by ID Proof(Aadhar Card), documentary evidence of eligibility and prescribed fees.



3.1  Lifetime Membership: Onetime payment of Rs. 10,000/-

3.2 Five Year Membership: Rs. 5,000/-

3.3 Annual Minimum Membership: Rs 365/- p a. (@Re1 per day)

3.4 Free Membership: For Students, unemployed or senior citizens who are unable to contribute can be exempted on discretion of the SAMOON Foundation Managing Committee. The applicant has to submit relevant documents for waiver of membership fee. (Student ID card/ Age Proof /BPL card)



 The society shall maintain at its registered office a register of its members and shall enter there in within 15 days after admission of the members or the cessation of membership as the may be with the following particulars.

4.1 The name and the address of the members/ members.

4.2 The date of which the member was admitted.

4.3 The date on which a member ceased to such membership.



 A person cease to be a member:

5.1 On death

5.2 On his/ her written resignation.

5.3 Has not participated in any social and mankind activity ( Project) for the last two years.

5.4 Has failed to pay subscription of Rs.365/- for continuously 2 years.

5.5 If any information provided by the member is not true.

5.6 Has been found of immorality, theft, mischief, gambling or convicted in any criminal cases by the Government.

5.7 If the conduct of any member, as deemed by the managing committee, is prejudicial to the interest of the SAMOON Foundation or who deprives the Foundation of its rightful money shall be expelled from the membership of the SAMOON Foundation.




6.1 SAMOON Foundation is a non-profit/non-government/non-political organization. Thus, membership does not include any kind of financial benefit.

6.2 The membership is nontransferable.

6.3 The member must abide by the decisions of the Managing Committee.

6.4 The member must maintain decorum in the SAMOON Foundation meetings.

6.5 The member must not post any misleading/ untrue/ personal comment / content on Whatsup / Facebook groups/ any other social media platform which tarnishes the reputation of the SAMOON Foundation or its members.

6.6 A member cannot ask for a position / designation in the Managing Committee.

6.7 The financial year of the society shall be from 1st April to 31st March of every year and Chartered Accountant shall audit the accounts of the organization every year.



7.1 Every member shall have a right to enjoy and participate in the activities of the society.

7.2 All paid members have right to ask about fund utilization. Annual report will be provided to every paid member by email.

7.3 A member can ask for Certificate for participation in voluntary activities if he has participated in any Samoon Activity.


In case, any member of the SAMOON Foundation is expelled by the Governing Body on the reason of Non-Payment of the subscription, he can be re-admitted, provided the member concerned pays all up to Date dues with the permission of the Governing Body.

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