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Samoon Foundation works in the sectors of education, training, health and many more for the people who live in harsh conditions in remote areas where getting the basic necessities of life is still challenging. We are constantly working on providing the basic requirements of everyone’s life like good education, computers and skills training so that every person from these remote locations can do something better in life and enhance their living.

We welcome individual support in our mission of empowering the locals especially the ones from far-flung villages. Individuals who have a good source of income and who wish to come forward in becoming a part of this social cause can extend their help in one way or another.

How Can You Help

We help underprivileged children to get their education, village women who are curious about learning skills in arts and crafts so that they can earn and run their family, and youths who wish to gain computer knowledge so that they can seek better job opportunities in nearby towns and cities. To extend our support to such kinds of people, we encourage individuals to come forward and contribute in the form of:

  1. Donations – You can donate money whatever you feel and as per your wish to the foundation. This would help us in purchasing the required necessary items for the welfare of people.
  2. Give a Gift – For kids and children studying in remote schools, you can give gifts in the form of stationery items like pencils, pens, copies, notebooks, school bags, etc.
  3. Become a Volunteer – Individuals can support us and the community by becoming a volunteer also. We have many opportunities for self-motivated people from different walks of life who can come forward and volunteer in our program in the form of teachers, trainers, instructors, coordinators, etc.
  4. Providing Scholarship – There are many bright students who have a sharp mind in acquiring knowledge and expertise but due to their weak financial status they remain deprived of higher and quality education. Individuals can contribute towards providing scholarships to such students.

With your small contribution, you can bring a big change in the lives of such people who are living in remote areas. So, come forward and be a part of this social drive.

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