Help Ankita Build A Home: A Story Of Resilience And Hope

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Help Ankita Build A Home: A Story Of Resilience And Hope

When Ankita was very young, she lost her parents. Overcoming many struggles and challenges, Ankita learned to live independently. Currently, she works as a domestic worker to support herself. Ankita mentions having an older brother who used to send her some money occasionally when he worked in Mumbai. However, since he got married to a Marathi girl from Mumbai, he settled there and stopped sending money. Ankita expresses her desire to study and make something of herself. She is currently studying in the second year of her Bachelor's degree. Ankita's maternal and ancestral home is in the same village where she resides. Her grandmother has played a significant role in her upbringing.

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The condition of Ankita's house, which belongs to her parents, is quite worn. There are leakages during the rainy season, causing trouble for Ankita. She wishes to have her own room where she can live comfortably. When asked about repairing the current house, Ankita explains that several rooms are interconnected, and repairing only one room is not feasible. Therefore, if a separate room could be built on her paternal land, it would greatly help. Ankita estimates that constructing a room (a small hut) will cost around 300,000 rupees. You are welcome to contribute to helping Ankita by sending your support amount to the following account. All donations received will be used to build a room for Ankita, and detailed accounts will be shared with you

Help Ankita Build a Home: A Story of Resilience and Hope
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