Computer Training Institute, Rishikesh

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Computer Training Institute, Rishikesh

Our objective is to make each of the children/youths proficient in using computers and become competent enough to survive in today’s digital world.

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Over the years, computer education has become an integral part of the basic education structure. However, millions of children still have no access to sufficient resources to achieve this basic right of education.  Even though, underprivileged children who are fortunate enough to anyhow got formal education are struggling to keep pace with the changing working culture of the society.  With the increase of digital push by the Government and public sector, it has become of utmost importance for any young aspiring talent to have basic knowledge of computer education.


 By creating and setting up computer centers, we strive to provide a platform to such children so that they can have at least basic computer education and they can able to interact with computers and know their functionalities and different uses which can be helpful in their day-to-day future live and potential working opportunities.


Although there are many IT/Computer centers nowadays but due to high fees people with low income are unable to provide such education to their children and most schools have no computer literacy/training for children and the schools that have such modern facilities, again they are out of reach of such poor and depressed people.


 Samoon Foundation will set up computer centers across the state of Uttarakhand initially and then the other parts of the country.  This project is proposed as a continuing project through which children of poor communities of the region will be provided facilities and opportunities for computer/IT education promoting healthy communities that can further contribute to social uplift and nation building.

Inauguration of 4th Samoon Computer training Institute at Rishikesh

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